Trainomax 9 in 1 Multitrainer

$54.99 $125.59

You have a stressful life and rarely enough time to hit the gym?

You are looking for an effective way to work out at home and get some real results?

You are tired of the wrist pain after doing push-ups?

Then we have the perfect solution for you!

Push-ups are the queen among fitness exercises!

It provides a massive chest, strengthens the back muscles at the same time and also trains the entire trunk/belly muscles.

No wonder that the Complete Fitness Scene swears by this exercise.

The Trainomax not only forces you to perform this exercise exactly but also takes your push-ups to a completely new level. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced athlete.

The adjustable positioning of the grips allows you to stay in the perfect push-up position and control each muscle group in isolation so that you get the most out of the exercise and give your muscles the stimuli they need for rapid growth.

The ingenious concept of the Trainomax allows you to train your entire body in a balanced way, prevents incorrect training and ensures a perfect, symmetrical muscle build-up, no matter where you are.


  • No wrong workout - the board forces you to perform perfectly so that wrong training is almost impossible
  • Replaces the gym - with the 9 in 1 system all parts of the muscles can be controlled perfectly so that you don't need a gym anymore
  • Easy to store - Its compact design allows you to take it with you and train from anywhere
  • Perfect Grip - The ergonomically designed handles offer ideal grip stability so that you can fully concentrate on your workout.
  • Easy to Use – Just insert the handles in the desired position and get started
  • Saves time and money - A gym often costs a lot of time and is not exactly cheap, our 9 in 1 trainer is a one-time investment in yourself and you can do your workout quickly and easily no matter where you are
  • Easy on the wrists - classic push-ups put a lot of strain on the wrists, thanks to the joint-gentle grip position this is not the case here




Our Trainomax offers the perfect basis for a balanced training and a defined body from home.

Try it and you will love it, that is our promise to you!!!

Unfortunately, we are forced to implement a price increase after this batch…

The current stock, however, we still sell at the current, lower price. So make sure you get your Trainomax for the special price of 49,99$ by clicking on the green "Add to cart" button!

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